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Countries That Are Safe and Budget-Friendly For Solo Travelers

Updated: Nov 15, 2021

In terms of safety and ease of transportation the Netherlands ranks number one on my list. I have visited the Netherlands over five times in the last two years. By no means am I an expert on all things Holland, but I can give you a few tips to make planning your trip much easier. I have had the pleasure of visiting the following cities: Amsterdam, Amersfoort, Den Haag, Haarlem, Rotterdam, Leiden, Lisse and Maastricht. Each city has something for everyone, but my personal favorite is one of the oldest cities in the south of the Netherlands known as Maastricht. It is full of charm, good restaurants, and character. If you are looking for a romantic weekend I would recommend staying at a castle in this historic and vibrant city. My second favorite is an underrated city known as Rotterdam. You can find some of the best hipster-like coffee shops, bars and restaurants that are Instagram worthy. It has a bit more Caribbean influence for people like me that are of Caribbean descent. If you are more of a big city type person then I would recommend that you visit Amsterdam. It is one of the most visited cities in the Netherlands and is uniquely Dutch. It is the New York City of Holland; it is always packed with tourists from all over the world. If you are looking for a small college town, then I would highly recommend that you go to Leiden. Lastly, check out Haarlem or Amerforst for some delicious food. Amersfoort is quaint and on the less expensive side. If you are around during the summer head to the beach in Scheveningen strand which is located in Den Haag. Overall, I would recommend this country to solo travelers because English is widely spoken, it is safe, and it is easy to get around via public transportation. The only downside is that it rains constantly so if you have a sunny disposition like me you may want to wait until late July or August to visit. That’s unless you are trying to visit during tulip season, then you should go in April. The tulip fields are located in Lisse.

Next on my list is Portugal. Actually, I broke all my solo travel rules in Portugal, but it goes to show how comfortable and safe I felt roaming around on my own. Although I had vowed to never step foot in a hostel, my experience in Portugal was unmatched. What counts as a hostel varies per country, but this hostel in Lisbon had the best staff, and the place was clean. The price of the hostel was around 15 euros a night. Uber in Portugal is inexpensive, and the quality of the food is impeccable. The food is so cheap you can get a bottle of wine for 6 euros, and a full course meal for under 20 euros.

Before you leave Portugal, plan a day trip to the municipality of Sintra. If you are like me and you still do not have a driver’s license then book a bus ticket via Expedia through Cityrama Gray Line Portugal, and you will have the opportunity to visit the National Sintra Palaca, Cabo de Roca, Boca do Inferno, Guincho, Cascais and Estoril. The trip should last about four hours to and from and cost roughly 50 euros. 10/10 would be recommended to first time solo travelers.

Alternative Options

If you were planning to visit Europe this summer you may want to postpone until next year and consider visiting Montreal or Quebec City, Canada. It practically gives you the same European feel, and charm. Canada is planning to open up their borders again to Americans that are fully vaccinated starting August 9, 2021. Check out the official government website for more information.

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