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Thinking of visiting Nassau, Bahamas? Tips for affordable accommodations, transport and activities.

On my recent six-day trip to Nassau, Bahamas, I was blown away by the stunning Caribbean island and its breathtaking beaches! You might think Nassau is out of your reach because it is so expensive. But don’t worry, based on my experience, I have a few tips to help you make the most out of your vacation while keeping costs reasonably low. Let me tell you about location, transport, activities, food.....and where to swim with the pigs.

Where I stayed:

The Bahamas is known for luxurious resorts. Finding affordable and comfortable accommodations in Nassau can therefore be challenging, but there are options out there. One great find is a beautiful cottage located just seconds away from the beach. It's conveniently located within walking distance to the Bahamar Resort, and only a 15-minute drive from the Nassau Lynden Pindling International Airport.The cottage is situated in a safe neighborhood and is only a 15-minute walk from a supermarket. Here is a clip of the property that I posted on my instagram: Best Airbnb in Nassau. If you are interested in booking, click the following link: Nassau Airbnb.

Cost saving tip - If you arranged for pickup from the airport to stay at this airbnb, ask your driver to stop by the supermarket close to the cottage. Pick up some breakfast items like water, fruits, and food to prepare at the cottage. This will help you save on breakfast expenses during your stay.

What I also loved about this Airbnb is its proximity to a bus stop. For those of you who prefer public transportation, a bus stop is just two minutes away and will take you directly to downtown Nassau, saving you money on taxes. Keep in mind that the buses only accept cash (US or Bahamian dollars), and the fare is only $1.25 for a one-way trip.

Funnily enough, my experience at an actual hotel was not nearly as satisfying. During my trip, I also stayed at Courtyard by Marriott Nashua, which did not meet my expectations due to several reasons. Unfortunately, the property is old and requires renovation, and my room did not feel clean, with stains on the bed. On top of that, I found the food to be costly. Furthermore, I couldn't use the pool due to construction taking place in the central pool area. Every morning I woke up to the sound of drilling next to my room.

If you are still looking to stay in a hotel in the downtown area, I suggest taking a look at the Margaritaville Beach Resort instead. It's conveniently located within walking distance to popular attractions like the Fish Fry, Junkanoo beach, the Cruise port and the shopping areas, making it a great option, plus the premises are well-maintained and modernized.


The Bahamas is not big but getting around can really drive up the costs of your stay if you are not careful. When visiting Nassau, Bahamas, most people choose to arrange for airport pick-up and drop-off as it is the most reliable and convenient option. I booked with a local taxi service to get to and from the airport. Depending on the driver, this will cost you around $30-$50 one-way. Public transportation is also an option, but it is less reliable and there is no set schedule, so you may have to wait around. If you do opt for public transportation, bus #10 and #12 both go downtown according to a local.

Here is what the public buses look like:

Things to do:

Don't miss out on all the fun Nassau has to offer! While in Nassau, there are plenty of activities to enjoy, such as visiting the straw market, indulging in local cuisine at the Fish Fry, visiting the Queen's Staircase, touring the John Watling's rum distillery, trying authentic Bahamian rum cake from the Rum Cake Factory (they were not stingy with the rum either), exploring the Graycliff Area, booking a full-day excursion to swim with the pigs, visiting the National Museum of Bahamas (Pompey Museum), and partying with the locals. See images below as well as check out this reel on my Instagram: 9 Things to do in Nassau.

My Experience with the Food in Nassau, Bahamas:

To be honest, it was hard to find the authentic flavors of Bahamian cuisine. It seemed like the local flavors were missing in many of the dishes, possibly due to them catering to the tourist market.

However, I found that the Fish Fry has a wide variety of restaurants to choose from and is the best place to try authentic Bahamian cuisine.

If you are interested in trying the local food, here are some popular dishes to try:

  1. Fried or steamed fish with peas and rice

  2. Conch salad

  3. Conch Fritters

  4. Johnnycakes

Swimming with pigs excursion:

I wasn’t joking about swimming with pigs. This is a very cool activity. But, while researching the swimming with pigs excursion in Nassau, I found conflicting reviews and concerns about the pigs in Exuma being aggressive - I was scared.

Seeking advice from a local, I was recommended the Sandy Toes - Rose Island full-day excursion, which I promptly booked online. The experience surpassed my expectations, as the tour was well-organized and the pigs were well-treated and not aggressive during my interaction with them.

Additionally, the tour package includes round-trip transportation to Rose island, beach access, use of beach chairs and umbrellas, snorkeling gear, a guided snorkeling tour, standard signature cocktails, and a buffet lunch. Check out my Instagram reel to see my experience: Swim with Pigs in Nassau, and as well as my entire Bahamas trip highlights for more clips and information.

Here is the link to book your excursion: Sandy Toes Bahamas. If you have trouble booking online, please contact Theresia from Sandy Toes team at +1 242-427-5428.


Do you like idly lying on the beach, looking at the waves? Do you like massages? Why not combine them! Looking to indulge in a self-care day while at the aforementioned cottage, I would recommend that you book a nice massage via OILHANS Mobile Massage services. You can also find them on Instagram at: oil.hans. Use my promo code: amoy for 5% off your session.

Thank you for reading, and feel free to share this with others.

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hi! I love your content, it is so helpful!! the link for the air bnb in Nassau isn't working for me, would you be able to tell me the place where you stayed please!?

Amoy A
Amoy A

Thank you very much, and sorry to hear that the link does not work for you. The Airbnb is hosted by Isaac and it is listed as "Delightful New Cottage 30 seconds from the beach"

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